Class 12 English Important Summary, Bihar Board class 12 English Book All Summary

Class 12 English Important Summary

   Summary Of Indian Civilization And Calture

Indian civilization and calture is an essay that presents the ideas of mahatma Gandhi about Indian civilization and calture. He compares the india or ancient civilization with the modern and western civilization. He says that Indian civilization develops morality while wetern civilization spreads immorality.

Our civilization can teach the world; therefor we need not copy the western civilization. Our ancestors advised us to maintain distance from the use machinery because the use of machinery may paralyze our hands and feet. They suggested resisting our wants to lead a happy life.Class 12 English Important Summary

Our civilization is still alive while the outher civilization of the world died. Therefore in Gandhi ji’s words if we want our india to rise and shine, we should always value the glory and dignity of our civilization and calture. There is no match for it in this world where a mad rush for material has deadened the mind of people.

    Summary of Bharat is my home

Bharat is my home is an extract from the speech zakir husain delivered in 1967 after taking the oath as president of india. In his speech he pledges himself to the service of the totality of Indian calture. He calls india the young state of the ancient people because our past is not dead and static but it is alive and dianamic and we can make our future on the basis of their benediction.

He pledges to work for the walfare of his people without distinction of caste, colour and creed. He takes an oath to make his country strong and wealthy so that the people can spend their lives comfortably. He further says that we have vast nation and we have to work hard to build a new nation at the situation demands.

He says that there are two aspects of work. First individual work, second social work. The individual work relates to personal physical and moral development of a man under strict discipline. We cannot develop uur selves without the help of society. Class 12 English Important Summary

That is why we can say that individual and social work are releated to each other. He also assures us that our country will not bee an organition of power but also we a moral organization. He pledges that he will be continually working for the walfare of the nation.


Summary Of Sweetest Love I Don’t Go

The Present poem sweetest love I do not go has been composed by john done for his wife Anne Moore. john Donne is regarded as a great metaphysical poet of his time. in this poem the poet is to part with his wife so he tells his wife that he is not leaving because he is tired of the Relationship instead he must go as a duty. further he takes the example of the sun to soothe her. Class 12 English Important Summary

he says that after all the sun departs each night but returns every morning whereas it has neither any shortcut way nor any desire or sense. further he says that his journey is unstoppable; he says metaphysical that man’s power is so feeble that if god fortune falls, One Can Not Add even a single hour nor one can recall one’s lost hour. but his beloved goes on weeping so he says that when she sighs, Class 12 English Important Summary

she takes his soul away and when she sheds tears she Sheds his blood. he asked her not to fear of any evil that may befall him. he suggests that she should imagine that they are together on bed but turned aside to sleep. in this way they can keep each other alive in their hearts and therefor never be parted.

    Summary Of Song Of my Self ;Class 12 English Important Summary

the present poem song of my self has been composed by an American poet walt whit man who is called the people poet. in this poem the poet wants to say that we should be happy with ourselves and we should be proud of ourselves. he thinks that we all will think like him because we all are made by same god and with the same flesh and blood. he even thinks that everything present in the nature is our relative because everything is created by god.

if father is one then how can we be others. he further says that we should not separate ourselves according to religions or creeds because they are man made things. we should accept everything given by god or nature in it’s original form. Class 12 English Important Summary


Summary Of Now The Lives Are Falling Fast 

The poem now the lives are falling fast has been composed by W.H. Auden. This is a lyric which enacts the frustration inherent in human life. by taking the example of tree leaves the poet says that people are dying very fast because it is the time of epidemic and this process is like a cycle and everybody turn will come soon. he further says the dead bodies say us not to be happy because all have to die one day.

and after watching the condition even active people become inactive and cheerful man becomes dumb because of the fear of death. he says that we can be blessed only in our last distress that means we can get peace only after our death. Class 12 English Important Summary. Class 12 English Important Summary

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